Hail and well met!

What you see here is an official page dedicated to the development of, as you may have guessed :) , Transport Empire.

Imagine the year is 1994, Doom II just got released, noone yet heard of Tomb Rider and UFO Enemy Unknown was a recent title. On a related note, people are still using stone tablets ;). That year saw a release of a game that still is the template of how a transportation sim should look like.

That game was Transport Tycoon.

It offered “revolutionary” high resolution graphics ( 640x480 was HR in those days ), eye pleasing world, ear pleasing sound effects and deep and addictive gameplay. With several modifications and extensions Transport Tycoon, now as an open source OpenTTD project, lives on.

However, there are limits to how much TT can be stretched out, and those limits are approached fast. At the same time no worthy, modern sequel to the game seems to be forthcoming. That is why at the beginning of 2003 a group of fans on the worlds biggest TT related site – www.tt-forums.net -  begun to fantasize about a modern, 3d, pretty, addictive sequel.

A Transport Empire project was born. This site is an archive of its bumpy past held by a duct tape of hope for an actual product, a wish list of what such product should contain and a hub for exchange of information about development of Transport Empire.